Exciting news: We're growing at SIN!

Exciting news: We're growing at SIN!

Seeking a Ceramic Production Assistant

with this skill set:

  • You're good with your hands; a lot of hand building is required! You may or may not have experience working with clay but can demonstrate skillful craftsmanship from work in other mediums. 
  • You have high attention to detail; perhaps you're slightly OCD. If you are a perfectionist, we love you already!
  • You do things quickly and are efficient in your tasks. Time management is everything at SIN.
  • You're cool with repetitive tasks and maybe even find repetition to be meditative.
  • You're creative. There will be some product design opportunities in addition to the production work.
  • You can juggle different tasks and thrive in a fast-paced environment. Prioritization is your jam.
  • You excel under pressure and maybe like to sing along to this song, too: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BWdLt3Afjrg
  • You're a team player.
  • You're a SIN-enthusiast (i.e. you'll wear the SIN t-shirt as your own!)

Job Description:

Part-time to potential full-time ceramic production assistant who will be primarily hand-building ceramic work. You will be coordinating work tasks with 2 other production assistants in planning production schedules accordingly. Additional responsibilities include: glazing, making glazes, loading and unloading kiln, sanding, ordering ceramic supplies, maintaining clay room cleanliness, recycling clay. Having excellent problem solving skills and organizational skills is a plus.  

If this sounds like your dream job, email us at info@virginiasin.com