Creating a wedding tablescape with SIN!

Creating a wedding tablescape with SIN!



The first step in designing your wedding tablescape is choosing your color palette. For Virginia’s wedding, she chose Terracotta, Blush, and (her current favorite color) pale fiberglass green as her key colors and sprinkled in accents of iridescent mermaid vibes! She paired blush plates with a dusty beige table cloth to create a tone on tone look paired with brass flatware and pale fiberglass green napkin.


She also incorporated handmade guest favors, Double Loop knots, into the tablescape by using them as name cards and menu paperweights.  The name cards and menus were printed on an iridescent blush cardstock to sprinkle in more of those mermaid vibes :)




Next, you should think not only about the type of flowers you would like your florist to use but HOW you would like them displayed.


Virginia has always loved the art of Ikebana flower arranging, so for her wedding, she created custom Ikebana Vessels:
Pillow Talk and Spoons to hold her single stem buds which are now available on our website! Virginia chose Tweedia, Orchids, Marigolds and various seasonal grasses for her arrangements.




She then surrounded the vases with double and single candelabras which light up the room beautifully.  See our Duo and Uni candlestick holders in Terracotta below.


Opting for a decorative taper candlestick is another trick to bring texture and style to your tabletop. 


Lastly, Virginia chose sculptural fruits and vegetables such as pears, artichokes, and baby bananas to add color and playfulness to her tablescape.




Location: Gather Greene, Coxsackie, New York
Florist: Heart and Soil Flowers     
Catering: Comparti
Photography: Daniel Paik 
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