, Mar. 4, 2021, Mar. 4, 2021

14 Curvy Décor Pieces That Celebrate the "Blobject" Trend

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Blobs, waves, squiggles, twists—interior design’s latest trend is all about ditching the streamlined in favor of more relaxed forms. A revival of a concept born in the ‘90s, the “blobject” was all about fluidity and the absence of linear constructs. It was emulated in tech, architecture, and sculpture—and now, it's easier than ever to incorporate into your home.  

These days, the blob has evolved, trickling down to just about every decorative element of a home—and candles, lighting, and mirrors are just the start of it. Any sort of décor that takes on these amorphous shapes is more than just a cheeky play on the ordinary. They lend an organic layer that beautifully contrasts all the sleek and contoured structures of modern design.

Here, the best blobjects and wavy décor pieces.

Geometric Figure Vase

Courtesy of Etsy

A floral bouquet is stunning on its own, but a decorative vase can certainly take it up a notch. Case in point: this wave-like vase from Etsy shop LightShadowArt, which adds a twist to traditional vase styles.

This handmade, acrylic vase is available in two styles, both of which feature a curved design. It's sold individually or as a set of two, which is a more budget-friendly option if you're looking to purchase more than one. No matter which style you chose, this vase offers an artistic way to display flowers and will spruce up any spot in your home, from offices to bedrooms to dining rooms.

Bellhop Table Lamp

Courtesy of Perigold

If you want a more minimalist approach to the trend, this iconic table lamp is the ideal place to start. The FLOS Bellhop Lamp is a cute and contemporary piece that has a lot of features for such a small object, including a built-in USB port and touch switch for easy use.

Whether it's on your nightstand or your home office desk, the Bellhop ensures you'll always have proper lighting. Standing at just 8 inches tall, it can fit pretty much anywhere—and the nice color selection means you're guaranteed to find one that's perfect for your space.

Candle Holder

Courtesy of CB2

Candle holders are a chic way to dress up any dining table, but if you're looking for a style with a little twist—literally—this design by CB2 has you covered. Made of solid brass, this candle holder features a rippled effect throughout that makes it look like a little piece of art on your table, even when the candle isn't lit.

This design is available in two sizes and sold individually, so you can mix-and-match styles to create the perfect look for your space.

Decorative Object

Courtesy of 2Modern

If you want to incorporate the trend on a smaller scale, decorative objects are a safe option. For a minimalist yet luxe approach, don't miss this sculptural object by Ferm Living. Available in brass or stainless steel, this small object will add tons of style to your home.

Designed by jewelry designer Helena Rohner, the piece is meant to resemble a smooth stone or unfurled leaf. While it will certainly look chic on a mantle, shelf, or table, it will also work well as a paperweight in a home office. Regardless, it's guaranteed to add a bit of sparkle and shine to your space.

Mirrors are nothing if not practical, but that doesn't mean they can't double as décor, too. Take this Ferm Living design, which is constructed with a blob-like shape that makes for a minimalist yet stylish piece of wall art. The framed mirror would work well in a bedroom, but you could also place it over a mantle or in an entryway for an unexpected twist.

Virginia Sin’s ceramic creations leave nothing more to be desired. The artist’s ingenious interpretations of everyday basics—vases, vessels, bowls, and even lamps—are organic, earthy, and refreshingly on-point.

This wavy candelabra is no exception, and it's primed to transform your tablescape with a serious dose of drama. The stoneware centerpiece can fit up to six candles—bonus points for pairing it with the wavy variety—and is the dinner party essential your setup was missing.

Dumbo Bookend

Courtesy of Tortuga

Your bookshelves are about to get a major upgrade thanks to this bookend. Available in 11 colors and finishes, including pale green and copper, this bookend is nothing like the traditional bulky objects you're probably used to. It comes in three sizes and sits flush against the book, creating a minimalist vibe that's still playful and very on-trend.

Wave Pitcher

Courtesy of Sophie Lou Jacboson

Sophie Lou Jacobsen’s unique pitcher combines color and form to create something that’s an artful enhancement of the ordinary. Crafted from borosilicate glass, this pitcher can withstand both hot and cold temperatures, making it a year-round essential that embodies the meaning of of form-meets-function.

The two-tone pitcher’s wavy handle provides a solid grip and looks good doing it. It's perfect for entertaining, but can also be used as a vase when you don't have a beverage to serve. If you really love it, check out the matching Ripple Glasses to complete the look.

Blobs Framed Art Print

Courtesy of Society6

Wall art is a simple way to incorporate any trend into your home, and as it turns out, blobs make for a gorgeous motif. This piece from Society6 includes five multicolored curved shapes throughout, making it an abstract piece that'll fit in with just about any décor style you have in your home.

It's available in an assortment of sizes ranging from 10 x 12 inches to 26 x 38 inches, and comes in eight different frame styles so you're sure to get the perfect piece. Plus, it comes with mounting hardware so you can hang it up as soon as you get it.


Courtesy of UO

Is there ever such a thing as owning too many planters? We don't think so. Cue this wavy clay box from Urban Outfitters, which is destined to take your lively greens to new heights. Available in two vibrant colorways—a bubblegum pink and a dreamy terracotta orange—this vessel is the perfect intersection of the Southwest and the ‘90s, with a subtle boho disposition. Plant your desert greens inside to really make the most of the vibe.

Goober Candle

Courtesy of Burke Decor

Brooklyn-based creative studio Talbot & Yoon’s Goober candle is an iconic symbol of the blobject trend. An oldie-but-a-goodie, the brand’s pastel-toned collection is made up of four paraffin wax candles (available in pink, blue, green, and purple) with each bearing a distinct organic form.

It’s safe to say that this cheeky candle is pretty much timeless at this point, and regardless if you’re planning on burning it or letting it sit as is, it's sure to evoke a decorative statement that won’t go unnoticed.


Courtesy of Coming Soon New York

Italian designer Gaetano Pesce is no stranger to the blobject movement, and some would argue that he even played a major role in its popularity. Spotted on Coming Soon, this lively vessel is a prime example of the designer’s unrestrained approach to his craft.

Handmade from flexible resin, though sculpted to appear like sturdy Murano glass, this item is actually deceivingly pliable. Available in five distinct colorways, this beautifully detailed vase hardly even needs much else—feel free to fill it with flowers, or let it stand on its own as a decorative accent.

Proba "Little Wave" Shape Pillow

Artist Alex Proba’s wave pillow is the sort of decorative element that marries form and function with a cheeky twist. Handmade in Portland, this accent piece comes in four styles and eight colors, which means that you can easily integrate it into just about any design scheme.

Splurge on a few of them for the bedroom and suddenly, sleeping on a cloud becomes a reality. Or, filter one into your current living room lineup and pair it with a shaggy throw pillow—it's an easy way to amp up your sofa's comfort factor.

Helle Mardahl Bon Bon Glass Jar

File this under one of the coolest vessels we’ve seen...well, pretty much ever. From Helle Mardahl’s The Cherry on Top collection, this dual-toned jar epitomizes the blob trend with its saturated coloring and organic composition.

Handmade in Copenhagen using a mouth-blown technique—which is what contributes to its “undulating curves”—this glass piece is as versatile as it is beautiful. You can use it as a carafe (its burnt-orange lid is the perfect topper) or prop it open and throw in a few stems of fresh flowers.