Invite Oysters to Your Next Party

Invite Oysters to Your Next Party

Plan your perfect oyster party with the right utensils and table settings.

Invite Oysters to Your Next Party

Planning the perfect oyster party. 


Buying your Oysters. 

Source: It’s important to get your Oysters from a trusted source. If possible, purchase from a seafood market verse a grocery store counter. 
Flavor: While oysters from different regions and different water temperatures have unique tastes from bright to briny to sweet, we suggest buying locally to ensure they are as fresh as possible. 
Picking: Lastly, if the oyster shell has even the slightest opening, tap the shell. If it doesn’t close immediately the oyster is dead and shouldn’t be eaten. 

Have your tools ready. 

Crushed ice is critical. Use a rolling pin to crush ice to the size of marble then place the ice in your serving tray. Re-freeze for at least 30 minutes before placing oysters on top and serving. 
Oyster Knife. You’re going to need an oyster knife for shucking. Do not try and use a kitchen knife, there is a good chance you will hurt yourself and ruin your favorite knife in the process. 
Protecting your hand. Always be sure to hold the oyster firmly while shucking and use an oyster glove or towel to protect your hand. An emergency room visit is a quick way to end a party! 


Serving and sauces. 

Preparation. If you are serving your oysters open on the half shell, shuck as soon to your guest's arrival as possible to ensure freshness! Or wait until your guests arrive to include them in the fun. 
Mignonette and sauces. You want to highlight, not overpower the natural flavor of the oysters. Classic Oyster accompaniments include lemon wedges, Tabasco sauce, and shallot vinaigrette. 
Setting your table. You’ve put in the work of buying your oysters, making your mignonette and now it’s time to show it off. Set your table to display your hard work. 


P.S. While oysters are most commonly served raw, you can also fry, roast, steam or grill them. Explore all your options and have fun with it!