Domino, Oct. 7, 2022

Domino, Oct. 7, 2022

Published Oct 7, 2022 1:45 AMsofa looking out onto window

Custom Shelving, Modern Shelving; Vintage Sofa and Coffee Table; Rug, Beni Weavers Loom, Etsy; Hans Wegner Circle Chair, Eternity Modern; Pillows, Texturable Decor, Etsy.

For some, a body of water or a soaring mountain range makes for a good view. For interior designer Jessica Hansen, it was simply the ability to look out into the distance that sold her on her hillside Oregon home back in 2018. “The Portland fog can feel so claustrophobic, so being able to see out really helped,” says Hansen, the founder of Tandem Design. Naturally, once her Vladimir Kagan sofa finally arrived (she bought the vintage piece from a seller in Florida who was kind enough to stow it in a storage unit for a year as her renovations took place), there was only one spot to put it: smack-dab in front of the extra-long window overlooking the backyard.

The U-shaped sectional is unsurprisingly the center of life in Hansen’s house: It’s where she entertains friends and where her two sons, Walter (9) and Otis (7), curl up with a book after school. “I don’t know what the original upholstery is, but I’ve gotten mud out of it, blood out of it, dog pee…” she says with a laugh. 

u shaped sofa
Nelson Ball Bubble Pendant Lamps, DWR; Vintage Tapestry; Art by Melodie McDaniel.
woman leaning on table
slanted roof
Liza Console, Sarah Ellison; Vintage Table Lamp; Rolling Hills Table Lamps, Virginia Sin; Footed Bowl, KleinReid; Art by Matt Murphy.

Because the circa-1961 house is perched on a slope, it looks small and unassuming from the street, when in reality it spans 3,548 square feet. It took a few major structural updates to get the interior looking as spacious as that, though. “The house was actually very dark. It had lots of rooms,” she recalls. Hansen took down a wall that originally divided the living and dining spaces and extended the pitched ceiling. Where there was once just a window over the kitchen sink, there is now a series of five sliding door panels (the designer stole part of the nearby garage to give herself enough wiggle room for the indoor-outdoor feature). The arrangement allows for ultimate flexibility: Hansen can crack open just one or unfurl them all. The Faye Toogood seating on the adjacent deck features custom tie-dyed cushions, courtesy of Hansen’s intern, Addie. 


u shaped kitchen
California Gull Paint, Benjamin Moore; Custom Cabinetry and Windows, LUX Construction; Flooring, Saroyan Hardwoods; Cashmere Matte Tile by Umi Naya, DDS Tile & Stone; East Linear Faucet, Newport Brass; Esse Canyon Oak Counter Stools, Article.; Half Moon Mini Pulls, Park Studio.
floating shelves above counter
round outdoor chair
Roly Poly Chair by Driade, Lightology; Vera Ceramic Side Table, Urban Outfitters; Custom Railing, LUX Construction; Landscaping by The Midnight Gardener.

Not sticking an island in the middle of the kitchen or uprooting the floor plan was a decision made with—what else?—the views in mind. “Every way you face, you’re either looking outside or you’re looking into the rest of the house,” Hansen points out. To maximize the cupboard layout, she had her cabinetmaker add six drawers to the corners (though you can barely tell they’re there because they blend in with the fluted paneling). “There was just dead space, so I wanted to use it for the things we don’t need very often. One of them is my junk drawer,” says the designer. Other additions she swears by: a hidden pull-out trash can, a wine refrigerator, and tall upper cabinet doors that hide her small appliances. 

stone fireplace in dining room
Vintage Chandelier; Good Times Dining Table, Blu Dot; Ava Dining Chairs, Stowed; Cityscape Flat-Weave Area Rug by Leanne Ford, Crate & Barrel; Custom Fireplace, LUX Construction; Flowers by Solabee Flowers.
small TV room
Vintage Sofa and Chairs; Custom Coffee Table, Earthbound Industries; Port Coffee Table, DWR; Rug, Lulu and Georgia; Mod Credenza, CB2; Frame TV, Samsung; Art by Steve Harrington and Chris Craymer.

Previously, one half of the massive fireplace that bisects the living and dining areas was covered in thin bricks. Hansen decided to wrap it fully in stone like the other side, but finding a match to the ones that had been unearthed more than 50 years ago proved to be a challenge. “The masonry person was like, ‘This is never going to happen; you should just pick a new material,’” she recalls. But in a quarry in Colorado, she discovered an option that looked similar enough—she could pull this off. In order to make the whole thing appear authentic, Hansen took bits of stone from the original side and sprinkled them on the new wall. 

pink stone vanity
Mirrors, Marble, and Cabinetry, Lux Construction; Wall Tile, Ann Sacks; Faucets, Kohler; Towel Hook, Virginia Sin; Towel, Pillar Home Goods.
pink shower tile
Shower Wall, Lux Construction; Graphic Shower Tile, Popham; Wall Tile, Ann Sacks; Plumbing Fixtures, Kohler; Towel Hook, Virginia Sin; Towel, Pillar Home Goods; Bath Mat, Proba Home.

The designer was met with no’s once again when she began scouring her local stone yards for slabs of colorful marble, but her persistence led her to uncover a blush option for her primary bathroom vanity (the piece was a remnant from a hotel project 10 years ago). When Hansen discovered a slab of pink and green marble for her guest bathroom in the depths of another yard, the shop let her take it home for a mere $600. “They were so excited to see somebody buy it,” shares the designer. Despite his nerves, Hansen’s fabricator was able to seamlessly cut it into two solid pieces, making delicate holes for the tub and the arched shelving nook.

green marble tub
Wall Tile, DDS Tile and Stone; Tub Surround, Lux Construction; Towels and Accessories, Pillar Home Goods; Hanging Planter, CB2.
oak wood vanity
Mirror, Lowe’s; Plumbing Fixtures, Kohler; Vanity, Lux Construction; Towel, Pillar Home Goods; Towel Hook, Virginia Sin.

It took quite a few more tries to get Hansen’s bed right. When she first ordered the custom piece from a design firm she has long admired, it arrived smaller than expected. She had to wait for the company to sell the queen-size version to a new buyer before building her a king from scratch once more. But when that one arrived, she noticed the headboard had been damaged in shipping—and the replacement part didn’t align with her current bed-frame system. Thankfully, the brand swiftly solved the problem by hiring a local furniture maker to come out and tweak it. “It was worth the wait,” says Hansen. “It’s so sturdy. The dog and my kids are all on it. It’s held up great.” 


retro red velvet bed
Bed, Vidivixi Studio; Ekstrem Chair, DWR; Arches Rug by Sarah Sherman Samuel, Lulu and Georgia; Folded Linen Saucer Pendant Lamp, The California Workshop; Lunar Pendant Lamp, Virginia Sin; Playa Carved Nightstand, Crate & Barrel; Bedding, Bed Threads; Terracotta Embroidered and Woven Natural Pillow Covers, The Perfect Craftman, Etsy; Art by Studio Proba.
terrazzo powder room
Venice Medium Tile, Concrete Collaborative; Oval Full-Length Wall Mirror by Glass Warehouse, Lowes; Sink, Coulee Concrete; Purist Faucet, Kohler; Uni Wall Hook, Virginia Sin.
basement dining table
Vintage Chairs, Piano, and Clock; Kali Dining Table, Tov; Cruise Braided Jute Rug, Wayfair; Trillium Fixture, Cedar & Moss; Lamp by Hansen’s grandfather; Art by Jessica Hansen.

Hansen’s boys have begun to tap into their own creativity, too. The designer wasn’t a fan of the barn door in Walter’s bedroom (it came with the house), but her 9-year-old was adamant about keeping it so he could treat it like a canvas. “We love stickers!” she jokes. Otis prefers to apply his collection to his wall-mounted IKEA desk. “Of course, what big brother is into, little brother is into,” adds Hansen. 

mural in kids room
Jagged Blue Wallpaper, Hovia; Bodie Oak Spindle Bed and Steamer Lane Nightstand, Crate & Kids; Terracotta Flax Linen Duvet Cover, Bed Threads; Jones Hilo Tufted Rug, Urban Outfitters; Life Aquarium, Biorb.
desk covered in stickers
Desk and Shelves, IKEA; Andy Stool, Schoolhouse; Lenia Oak 4-Drawer Chest, Article; Art by Leslie Williamson
barn door covered in stickers
Happy Day Shelving 3-Shelf, Blu Dot; Art by Rad Car Surfboards.

The designer introduced a part of her own youth to the home in the basement: Above the piano is a self-portrait she painted when she was 20. “I had given it to my mom because I didn’t think I wanted it anymore, but recently I was like, you know what, I want that back,” she shares. It’s all about perspective.

The Goods

My go-to local vintage source: Midnight Sunlight

My favorite nearby home store: Pillar Home Goods

Where I buy plants and gardening supplies: Solabee Flowers

The decor site bookmarked on my computer: Etsy

The object in my home that gets the most use: My dishwasher!

Who to Know

The nicest contractor I’ve ever met: Ian Mallett and Andrew Gold from Lux Construction

The pristine painter: Mike Limon from Bridgetown Painting

The genius landscaper: Jesse Donaldson

The top tile wiz: Joe with Lotus Tile

The meticulous wallpaper installer: RM Voss Wallpapering