Oops Warranty is a breakage warranty that entitles you to receive new or similar replacement product at no cost (except for shipping fees) when you send your Oops Warranty Card, along with your original receipt and your ceramic catastrophe (the broken or chipped pieces) back to SIN.

Warranty does not include wear and tear - such as knife marks. Warranty applies only to the Gluttony Collection** pieces purchased directly from SIN's online shop at www.virginiasin.com. Warranty does not cover pieces purchased from any other sources, such as third party vendors or retailers. Warranty runs for 24 months from the purchase date and can be used once per item is total purchase. If 12 items are purchased, up to 12 items may be replaced. At SIN's sole discretion, breakages that appear to arise from negligence or misconduct will not be covered. 

Warranty does not apply to any product that, at the time of SIN's receipt of the Oops Warranty Card, is no longer in production or sold at SIN's online shop. If the product is no longer in production, SIN will make reasonable attempts to provide a similar product. This transaction is an exchange of goods, and money will not be refunded. Warranty only applies to purchases made by private individuals for their personal use. Warranty does not cover any product purchased by a business or used for a business purpose. You will be responsible for all shipping fees. Exchanges for breakages or chips can be made by contacting SIN via email at info@virginiasin.com

**Pieces of the Gluttony Collection include the following: Porcelain paper plate (all sizes and colors), Paper mug, Faceted Cup, Filter bowl (all sizes) and Oyster plate.