West Elm Business to Business, June 2022

West Elm Business to Business, June 2022

Form & function

To create a cohesive team HQ in a sprawling, 3,600-square-foot space, ceramist Virginia Sin teamed up with West Elm Business. The team helped her devise different spots for fabrication and fulfillment, while also keeping as many areas open as possible. Drawing inspiration from a hotel in Puglia she visited years ago, she gravitated towards a soft pastel color palette, with her decorative bowls and bookends woven naturally into a small library collection on shelves near the office kitchenette. 

“Since we’re designing for people’s homes, I wanted our headquarters to feel more like home, too.”— Virginia Sin

Durable & comfortable

While comfort was key to Virginia’s office design, durability was critical. “We had to be mindful of how easy it is to track around dust and clay,” she says. Height-adjustable desks paired with stools provide the ideal surface on which fabricators can hand-build their creations.

A blue-green velvet sectional topped with cream and lavender pillows makes a calming space for the SIN team to both brainstorm and relax. Comfortable chairs throughout the HQ evoke the feeling of home that was so important to Virginia.