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Over Under Hook Rack, Speckled

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Should we ever get around to a more complete draft of the constitution, it would say something about the right to own lots of stuff. And we think, that with that right, comes the right to organize it in a way that works for your life. That's why our Over Under Hook Rack gives you the space to hang towels, scarves, neck ties, cat leashes and binoculars (for example). Have several cat leashes? Combine all three sizes for maximum organizational space.

  • Small: 6" x 4" x 3" 
  • Large: 13" x 7" x 3"


Hand wash with soap and warm water. Air dry.
Wall mounting hardware included.

Measure the distance between the mounting holes on the rack. Pre-drill holes into drywall and hammer anchors into each hole. Hold up the rack, and align the mounting holes with the drywall anchors. Secure to the wall by driving provided screws into each anchor.