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Cylinder Shelving System

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At first glance these may look like a 70s-throwback to the cinder block shelving found in architects' studios. However, our modular Cylinder Shelving System actually takes inspiration from something much closer to home - the rituals of kiln firing. Since the advent of ceramics in ancient times, stilts and posts (kiln furniture) provided stability and structure within kilns, so that objects of various sizes might be stacked, loaded, fired and unloaded without breaking. This shelving system recontextualizes the shelf.

  • Each cylinder measure at: 14.5" H x 7" diameter
  • Each tempered glass top measures at: 11" D x 30" L x 1/2" thick
  • Configuration A [Image 1], Configuration B [Image 2] Configuration C [Image 3] Configuration D [Image 4], Close ups [Image 5-8]


Wipe clean with a damp cloth.