Home is where you do whatever you want. 

That's why we do whatever we want:

meticulously hand-building,

crafting and weaving

American-made home goods

that make you feel good. 

We don’t make things.

We make comfort.

We make reasons to go home.

Things you can wrap up in.

Things made slow.

With two bare hands.

Things worth sharing.

Or hoarding.

Depending on your prerogative.

Things that help you find home, wherever you are. 

SIN  Lived In. 


Virginia Sin, the woman behind SIN, is a Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary designer. In 2006, she left LA for Brooklyn, abandoning, “way better tacos” in the name of making a name for herself. With her collections of overalls, small rocks and medium-sized succulents in tow, she set up a studio in Greenpoint and developed her first line: The Gluttony Collection.

By 2007, the collection had attracted the attention of Design Within Reach and received “Most Sustainable” in the Modern+Design+Function Competition. Nine years later, in 2016, it was acquired by The New York Historical Society Museum, where it became part of their 20th and 21st century objects collection.

Her porcelain paper plates are used at Eleven Madison Park to serve the restaurant’s picnic prix fixe. This and more of Virginia’s work has been featured in Architectural Digest, The Today Show, Goop, Domino, NYT and more.

Working to continually broaden her design horizons, Virginia has focused her recent attention on redefining ceramic coils, translating her graphic designs into weave structures and challenging the limitations of clay in the lighting industry, in hopes to bring some extra warmth into the world.


Jill Lavoie
Sales Manager // Head of Merchandising and Marketing Acquisition

In addition to running SIN’s wholesale, Jill works part-time on the production team, where she’s quickly proven that her talents extend beyond sales. Her dual-role allows her to combine her love for creativity, strategic planning and business development all in one place. Jill is a also proud dog parent who is happiest when she’s got a book in one hand and a glass of rosé in the other.

Yasmin Hussain
Production and Product Designer // Wholesale Fulfillment Coordinator

After graduating with a degree in product design Yasmin joined the SIN team as an assistant designer. Yasmin believes in producing work in fast and innovative ways. She has an eye for design, and a serious knack for honoring the details. A hot cheeto fanatic, Yasmin balances her love for bright orange foods with regular visits to the yoga studio.

May Cohan
Production and Product Designer // Retail Fulfillment Coordinator 

The newest member of our production team, May is an art history buff who studied art and ceramics at Skidmore. Equal parts hard working and fun loving, she’s both quick-witted and quick to pitch in. In her free time, she likes to cook, check out art and spend time in her own studio space where she creates her own art.