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Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day!

At SIN, our all-female team is ready to celebrate! 
A year ago, the pandemic forced us to shut down and let our entire team of talented, dedicated women go. But today, we're proud to announce that we're fully up and running, thanks to you continual support.
And because it's International Women's Day, we want to recognize the powerful group of women behind SIN, who, through it all, remained strong and dedicated to their craft.


We asked team SIN, what was a moment in the past year that has made them feel empowered?


Meet Adelaide

Ceramic Fabricator

"It has been empowering to work with a team who is always open to my suggestions and ideas for change, and encourages me to explore those ideas and realize them."


Meet Haa-Young

Ceramic Fabricator

"Empowerment to me means enriching your life by setting up goals for yourself and achieving them. I felt most empowered this past year by being fortunate enough to secure a job that aligns with my interests in the middle of the pandemic."


Meet Kass

Fulfillment Packer

"A moment last year that made me feel empowered was deciding to go into a whole new career as a Nail Technician."



Meet Katy

Kiln Technician

"Last summer, my body carried me through an emergency surgery and six weeks of recovery. It was a summer spent continually reminded of how precious and fragile and strong my body is. At the end of it, I felt more empowered than I have in a while to live life in this body that has been so good to me."



Meet Laura

Fulfillment Coordinator

"I felt empowered this past year when I gave myself the agency to listen to my intuition to step back, slow down, and prioritize mental and physical healing over pushing myself through my graduate program."



Meet Liz

Kiln Technician

"I felt empowered during 2020 by taking to the leap to leave hospitality and travel across the US. It was liberating to have that freedom and complete autonomy to explore so many places I hadn’t been yet. More to come!"



Meet May

Ceramic Fabricator

"I felt empowered creating a new design and see that object in people’s homes."


Meet Stephanie

Head of Business & Product Development

"Becoming a Mom. I never could have anticipated being pregnant or giving birth to my beautiful son in the middle of the pandemic. From navigating doctors appointments alone, to an unexpected overnight stay in the hospital during the height of the pandemic, and not being able to share this experience with my friends and family... it showed me the immense strength that us women own."




Meet Virginia

Founder & Creative Director

"Last year, a lot was thrown at me professionally and personally. I felt empowered when I made the choice to surrender to the things I could not control or change, and focused my energy on the things I could."