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About SIN

SIN is a Brooklyn-based design company, focused on creating functional, handcrafted products that blur the lines between arts and crafts and design. The pieces created by Sin cozy houses into homes, leaving spaces feeling lived in.
Virginia Sin, the woman behind SIN, is a Brooklyn-based ceramicist and designer. In 2006, she left LA for Brooklyn, abandoning, “way better sushi” in the name of making a name for herself. With her collections of overalls, small rocks and medium-sized succulents in tow, she set up a studio in Greenpoint and developed The Gluttony Collection – the first line of sustainable dinnerware from SIN. By 2007, the collection had attracted the attention of Design Within Reach and received “Most Sustainable” in the Modern+Design+Function Competition. Today, the line is used at Eleven Madison Park to serve the restaurant’s picnic prix fixe. This line and her other work has been featured in magazines and blogs, such as Elle Décor, People, FRAME, Food+Wine and Daily Candy.  Working to continually broaden her design horizons, Virginia has focused her recent attention on developing her latest ceramics line – The Slab Collection. She’s also taken to naturally dyeing towels, wine staining curtains and knitting all things that help put a little warmth out in the world. For more information about Virginia or SIN, shoot her an email at
 “I founded SIN as a way to make my memories tangible. The pieces that I make take something disposable or transient and make it permanent. They’re pieces with a lot of life in them that I hope will bring that lived in feeling to other people’s homes.” - Virginia Sin, Founder of SIN.