About SIN

SIN is a Brooklyn-based design company committed to bringing functional, handcrafted, and thoughtful designs to all aspects of your home.

Virginia Sin, founder of SIN, was born in Los Angeles, California and studied Graphic Design/Advertising at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Her fond childhood memories of ceramics, and strong passion for product design, inspired her to revisit the medium when she moved to Brooklyn, New York in 2006.

She subsequently attracted Design Within Reach’s attention through her first rendition of the porcelain paper plate, from "The Gluttony Collection", receiving “Most Sustainable” in the Modern+Design+Fucntion Competition in 2007. Her plates are also used to serve Eleven Madison Park Restaurant's picnic prix fixe.

Virginia Sin’s work has been featured in various magazines and blogs, such as Elle Décor, People, FRAME, Food+Wine and Daily Candy. She strives to blur the borders between design, arts+crafts in her collections.

She continues to create in her Greenpoint, Brooklyn studio, where she is primarily focusing on expanding her latest, “The Slab Collection”.


“I founded SIN as a way to make my memories tangible. The pieces that I make take something disposable or transient and make it permanent. They’re pieces with a lot of life in them that I hope will bring that lived in feeling to other people’s homes.”  - Virginia Sin, Founder of SIN.




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